Petanu River Tour

Experience our outstanding natural surroundings on this unforgettable river tour where we access the magnificent Petanu River through Tanah Merah Art Resort’s own trail.

Petanu River or the Cursed River is, according to legend, so named because it was formed from the blood of a demon king who wanted the Balinese to worship him as a god. After a long battle, he was killed by the Hindu deities and divine warriors.

For a thousand years it was forbidden to use the river water for drinking and irrigation, because rice stalks would bleed when cut and any rice grown or cooked in the water would smell and taste of rotten flesh. This ended in 1966 with a special ceremony that purified the river at its source.

Other spirits still reside in the river, however, so our guide will present offerings to ask for their blessings and to protect anyone entering the water. Swimming against the current can sometimes be challenging, especially after heavy rains. But do not worry, as the guides will make sure that everyone stays safe.

We start by walking down the steps at Tanah Merah Art Resort to the Petanu River where we will swim in the cooling water. Experience amazing wildlife in the area, such as the abundance of beautiful butterflies and birds, along with a large tribe of macaque monkeys. At the end of the swim, wonderful waterfalls and natural hot springs cascading down the sides of the river provide a natural water massage.

After resting, jump into the river to ride the current back to the staircase to Tanah Merah Art Resort. Before climbing the steps, take a cleansing bath in the natural spring where villagers from Melayang collect their daily drinking water.