The Shala

The Shala pavilion sits above the Petanu River and has breathtaking views of the forest and valley below. It is full of positive energy and is an ideal place for meditation, yoga, and relaxation.

According to the belief of villagers in Melayang in Pejeng Kaja district, the Pura Beji Bintang (Holy Water Star Temple) on the banks of the river was founded by a powerful high priest who was seeking release from his earthly existence in the village of Kendran, Tegalalang.

He was very sad to see the people unable to use the river water for drinking, bathing, and irrigation. It was polluted by the blood of the demon king Mayadanawa who was killed by the divine Hindu forces for forcing the people to pray to him as a god instead.

The priest meditated at the Pura Bintang Kuning (Yellow Star Temple) and asked the god there to purify the river. The deity instructed him to stab his dagger into the riverbank. Water spouted out as Tirta Bintang (Star Holy Water) that flowed into the river and neutralized the curse so that its water could be used for daily purposes and irrigation. This holy water can also be directly used for purification purposes