About Us

Like a spellbinding and genuine love story set in powerful natural surroundings, Tanah Merah Art Resort will invite you to step inside its enchanting artistic ambiance and leave you with an unforgettable impression of the best that Bali and Indonesia have to offer.

Tanah Merah translates to Red Earth, and one can easily imagine the life forces of the colorful local spirit and culture running deeply through the veins of this one-of-a-kind travelling experience created by the dedicated Dr. Peter Bloch.

Mads Lange’s Forgotten Treasures

Mads Johansen Lange (1807-1856) was the most influential person that made Bali prosper during the mid 19th century. In order to receive favorable treatment and procure lucrative trade deals, he presented the kings of Bali with luxury goods. His philosophy was to unite and share rather than divide and conquer, so he treated all his relationships equally within the social-political system of the time.
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The founder of Tanah Merah Art Resort

Tanah Merah Art Resort was founded in 1996 by Danish-born Dr. Peter Bloch. Known throughout the Indonesian archipelago as the “jungle dentist”, Peter Bloch has offered voluntary free dental treatment to thousands of patients from remote rural areas for decades.
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Ideal for capturing inspiration and relaxing your mind and spirit, Tanah Merah Art Resort is set in lush, serene surroundings high above the magnificent Petanu river gorge, offering an unspoiled view of the rainforest valley.
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Located near the small, charming Melayang Village just a few minutes away from the hectic and famous artistic town of Ubud, Tanah Merah Art Resort offers a free shuttle service…
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Architecture and decoration

Inspired by Indonesian heritage, the artistically designed villas, studios and restaurants have been dressed in the warm colors of the genuine Bali. Lovingly decorated with exquisite art…
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The Tanah Merah Collection and Gallery

Tanah Merah Art Resort’s Collection and Gallery pays an unforgettable and loving tribute to the history of Indonesia, honoring the archipelago’s incredible complexity. The privately-owned collection…
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The captivating history of Bali

The paradisiac and culturally advanced island of Bali has been inhabited for a long time. Sembiran, a village in northern Bali, is believed to have been the home of the Stone Age people, proven by the discovery of stone axes and adzes.
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A tribute to Mads Lange

A peacemaking Danish expat living in Lombok and Bali in the 19th century has been almost completely forgotten, yet he was one of the most influential people in Balinese history.
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