Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

An incredible morning trekking tour – explore the active volcano mount Batur and experience the breathtaking views of the sunrise over the crater and Lake Batur.

The sacred Mount Batur is a small, active volcano in the heart of a huge crater, 14 km in diameter, that erupted violently in 1917, “the year when the world shook” according to older Balinese, killing many people and destroying hundreds of temples.

The southeastern edge of the cone contains the immense crescent-shaped lake Batur, the source of many rivers in Bali. The tall surrounding walls of the crater are remnants of the original volcano that blew its top off during a massive eruption tens of thousands of years ago. For religious reasons, climbing Mount Batur is not allowed during the main ceremonies at Ulun Danu Batur temple during the full moon from late March to early April.

It takes around 3 hours to reach the top. You are picked up at Tanah Merah Art Resort very early in the morning and driven to the starting point. The ascent is started in the cool early morning while it is still dark in order to reach the peak before sunrise. Usually moonlight does not provide sufficient light, so flashlights are provided. A guide will lead the way along the correct trekking path, which is loose and sandy.

As the sun rises, the view over lake Danau Batur and the surrounding rim is simple breathtaking. It is possible to walk around the rim of the cone or even enter it from a low point in the southern edge, but follow the guide to keep safe.

Steam emerging from cracks and the warmth of the ground indicate that the volcano is still active, so bring along raw eggs to cook in the steaming fissures. A small refreshment stall near the top also sells drinks and snacks.

Most people in good health can climb Mount Batur. It is important to dress warmly and wear good hiking shoes. Remember to bring a camera.