White Herons and Kecak Dance

This tour is the perfect cultural night for participants of all ages.
The tour starts before sunset with a drive to the nearby village of Petulu to see the amazing sight of hundreds of thousands of white herons and egrets returning home to roost for the night.

The legend says that the birds are the souls of hundreds of suspected communist sympathizers who were massacred throughout Indonesia after an attempted coup blamed on communists in Jakarta in 1965. Many bodies were buried in a mass grave in Petulu, but soon afterwards the birds began to appear for the first time and have been coming every afternoon since. They are believed to be the souls of the victims.

We end the night by enjoying a mesmerizing Kecak dance performance in Ubud – a must for every visitor as it opens a wondrous window into the artistic culture that makes the Balinese so special. The vocal music is made by circles of up to one hundred men singing and chanting cak-cak-cak in different rhythms while swaying their bodies and waving their hands, which gives the dance its name. During the one hour performance, the chorus changes formations and roles as costumed dancers perform in the center.

The story is taken from the famous Hindu epic Ramayana about Prince Rama and his rescue of princess Sita. She has been kidnapped by the evil demon king Rahwana, and Rama rescues her with help from the white monkey king Hanoman and his monkey army.

Return to Tanah Merah Art Resort for a late and relaxing dinner at the Gardenia Restaurant.