The Gallery

The amazing Gallery 1 at Tanah Merah Art Resort welcomes you to a fascinating world of Oriental and Indonesian art and antiques, presented in an imaginative and enjoyable manner. Rare collections of Chinese porcelain and tea sets adorn the gallery’s exhibition area, while tribal curiosities from distant Indonesian islands give a sensation of primitive mysticism.

Featured paintings include a comprehensive series of unique works, depicting scenes from Bali’s spiritual and cultural heritage, by Balinese master artist Kan Kulak from the village of Peliatian in Ubud. Recently, Kulak has also started painting in a more simplified and defined style represented by works exhibited in Tanah Merah Art Resort’s new Gallery 2.

Gallery 2 contrasts Gallery 1 by being kept in a raw factory style to highlight the composition of both upcoming and well-established Indonesian and international artists. Let vibrant colors and diverse techniques spark your imagination as you explore works of art by names such as contemporary Indonesian artist Suliyat Buamar and legendary master artist Affandi.