The masterpieces of Tanah Merah Art Resort’s Collection

an oriental art exhibition to rival the best

A rare and unforgettable travel experience beyond the ordinary has just been added to Bali’s classic attractions. Set in the scenic outskirts of the famous artistic town of Ubud, the enchanting Tanah Merah Art Resort recently opened its extraordinary collection of rare Indonesian and oriental art and antiques to public visitors.

The privately-owned collection is the result of Dr. Peter Bloch’s lifelong keen dedication to the arts, and its unique masterpieces and imaginative presentation set it apart from the rest. Perched high above a dramatic river gorge on the edge of the Balinese rainforest, the Tanah Merah Art Resort’s Collection and Gallery pays a loving tribute to the history of Indonesia in a knowledgeable manner that honors the archipelago’s incredible complexity.

Visitors are in for a surprising and enjoyable experience when being guided through the newly extended exhibition space where they will learn about Indonesia’s fascinating historical background going back 2000 years. Each room, which is entered through elaborately carved antique Balinese wooden doors, features a specific theme displaying precious paintings, antiques and textiles from all over Indonesia – many so unique that they can only be seen here.

On display are sacred golden and wooden artifacts, furniture and textiles from Bali’s royal palaces created by the most skillful craftsmen and artisans on the island. Ancient religious bronze statues and a wonderful and colorful collection of masks and puppets tell the story of Java’s influential cultural heritage. Colonial and ancient homes are also part of the themes, as well as the great Indian Hindu epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana which have been meticulously carved into an impressive pair of mammoth tusks previously owned by former Indonesian president Suharto.

An important trademark of the entire exhibition are the many paintings by prominent Indonesian painters and upcoming local Balinese artists, as well as an impressive collection of rare Chinese porcelain. One room specifically features Yuan Dynasty Chinese porcelain, while the new extension of the collection dedicates a room to former Indonesian vice president Adam Malik, who played a significant role in Indonesia’s Declaration of Independence, exhibiting part of his excellent Chinese porcelain collection and works of his favorite Indonesian painters.

Indonesia’s original batik fabrics and mythologies are themed in a new textile gallery displaying wonderful and enthusiastic interpretations by well-known local textile artist Annemarie Kipar. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will also come face-to-face with a vast number of original woven textiles, masks and amazing curiosities which provide a fun insight into Indonesia’s many diverse tribal cultures.

Upon ending this amazing tour de Indonesia, the positive effect of the Tanah Merah experience seems to set in immediately and linger for a long time, as you recall how the past was brought back to life – right in the heart of Bali.