The founder of Tanah Merah Art Resort

Tanah Merah Art Resort was founded in 1996 by Danish-born Dr. Peter Bloch.
Known throughout the Indonesian archipelago as the “jungle dentist”, Peter Bloch has offered voluntary free dental treatment to thousands of patients from remote rural areas for decades. 50 years ago, he started traveling to Indonesia and quickly realized the crucial need for free dental services, well-knowing that untreated tooth decay can easily result in painful sepsis and death. Taking time off from his private practices and travelling extensively while working under the most primitive conditions, he helped people who would otherwise be left with no other options.

Meanwhile he combined his life-long love of art and antiques with his travels, and the result is a more than impressive and exquisite collection to be experienced at Tanah Merah Art Resort. Integrated in the magnificent jungle resort built to reflect the creative diversity of Bali and Indonesia, these art pieces give guests an unparalleled experience of the local culture. Today Peter Bloch has stopped his remote jungle dentistry activities but is still contributing to the local community in Bali by treating patients for free in his clinic at the enchanting Tanah Merah Art Resort.